Vaga para Desenvolvedor Front-end na Dell

Você desenvolvedor front-end ou aficionado por web standards e javascript: Welcome.

Me and my colleagues are building a pretty cool web app that needs a little help to become truly awesome, and here’s where you come in.

Actually, you and someone else, for we are hiring 2 developers to join the fun. Yes, fun, and here’s why:

(see the full description with Pictures here)

Who we are

From computer science to journalism, we have people from most varied backgrounds. Remarkable people these guys and gals here, I have to tell it. Among others, you’ll find:

  • A real web sub-celebrity running an infamous humor site in the interwebs
  • A data junkie that will find just about any link between 2 subjects and tell you how peanut butter is related to beans and Greek mythology
  • A movie lover Canuck with love songs’ radio voice
  • Dev so awesome she couldn’t be hired at first cuz she wasn’t 18 yet
  • Yoga master with nefarious JS powers
  • Great average guy with a mustache. Me.

Dell ComputadoresWhat we build

It’s one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms with millions of daily visits, served with one of the leading performance in the retailer industry. You can see it up and running on For that you and me will work with:

  • Distributed team spread across Canada, US, Brazil and India
  • Awesome UX and Graphic design team
  • Bad-ass Enterprise back-end infrastructure
  • Air conditioning, two big monitors, cream of the crop notebook configuration
  • Great flexibility and honest to god inspiring manager
  • Comfy clothes, no suits required

Where you stay and what you eat

We stay in Porto Alegre at Tecnopuc, the technology park inside the PUC University. The campus is open for us and we have plenty of restaurants and coffee shops here, as well as free pass to the parking lot and the super complete and useful library. Trees, great green and sunbathing spots for chill out are everywhere.

If you are an early riser and happen to be at the office by 8AM, we take some time at a coffee shop where we get good caffeinated beverages and cheese rolls, while watching to Saint Seya, or maybe discussing morning news.

Whether you like it low profile or Viking-like lunch, you are served. There’s just about every type of restaurants there to accommodate your taste and desire. Most also have free coffee, but hey, don’t sweat here, besides the free coffee available in the coffee machine in the office, we have the 3PM coffee (+ delicious cheesecakes) to level out our code quality in the afternoon. By the way, we generally discuss games at that time. Or advertising. Or movies.

What we need from you

Nope, we don’t need no ninjas nor rockstars. Agile rugby players to complete our Scrum is more of our type. Skills and experience, we assume you have, but to train you we also can, if a Padawan you are, so bring:

  • English. No fear though, it gets better with time, we know that
  • Hardcore bare bones Javascript. Extra candy bars for jQuery
  • Taste for perfectly placed pixels in semantic markup with scalable styles
  • Expressive communication, desire to learn and to teach
  • Enjoyment with scalability, performance and maintenance challenges
  • The internet in your heart. You gotta love it: google, bing, twitter, blogs, tumblrs, you gotta live it all up and keep up with what is hot and what is not.

What you get

Should the whole fun and all not suffice, you get paid to do that. Yes, actual money and more:

  • Life insurance and healthcare. Ah, ten acupuncture sessions per year allowed too
  • Up to 4 bus tickets by day or free pass to the University parking lot
  • Ticket Restaurant loaded with $16/day. You foodie, your coffee breaks are all set!
  • Paid vacations, 13rd salary, extra hours, high compensation
  • Earnings based yearly bonus, which makes up to a 14th salary. No joke

Questions? Doubts? Curiosity?

This formspring is open for any questions about the position of the work here at Dell. Feel free to ask anonymously!


So, send your resumé or questions to Also, find me on twitter, @rafb3. No mystery, seriously.

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